Wednesday, October 10, 2018


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Today I celebrate my 30th straight day of YOGA and the coming together of my new book that's been a long time in the making!
I don't think this book would have been possible without becoming vegan, meditating and yoga. They were the perfect trifecta in my life at the perfect time.
I began the journey with my yoga commitment only 30 short days ago and I have not missed a day since. What it's done for my life is indescribable! I am in the best shape ever, physically, mentally and spiritually! The daily practice that began with the commitment my daughter Kayla and I made to each other had such a profound impact on me in every single area of my life. I don't claim to be a master yogi of any sorts because I still can't even touch my toes, but that's irrelevant, the discipline of starting and the commitment to stay have brought me a to a new level of strength, grace and compassion in my life.
I am ready for the next chapter which is already becoming the best chapter yet! I always knew that I would feel the call deep in my soul when it was time to complete the process of wisdom to paper and up until recently, I hadn't felt that call. When you know you know. The wisdom I have accumulated on my journey doesn't need to be forced, it's flowing out of me and it's perfect!
Aho, keepers of the sacred feathers!
Woman, it's our time to rise! Let's! Kellie Kuecha

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