Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Know

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I know it'll happen any day now---the big break that will take my life to  the next level of happiness, hope, and potential. Do you feel that too? Are you waiting for your big break? A sudden flood of cash , a career boost, a knight in shining armor , a launch to frame, the perfect alignment of time and money so you can finally accomplish your dream ? Sometimes waiting is the patience. Sometimes waiting is the practice of Godly patience. Sometimes it is purely an act of futility--a deferment of living. Don't you know.....while we're waiting for our respective big break. God is waiting for a break in our holding pattern? He's hoping we'll recognize the happiness ,hope ,and  potential  in the day we're living, the relationship we are in , and the dream we're walking toward success  or  recognition or an open door that has .long been shut. help me to move on. Give me words of wisdom through others and through my time in prayer. I want to recognize my big break..... my chance to live the big life of faith.
By: Cilea Preyor

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