Thursday, November 19, 2015

Grace Gayle

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Your personal letter from God
Meditation on Scripture is the best medicine for the broken heart.
*PART ONE* on ‪#‎FORGIVENESS‬ From the book From Victim to Victor copyright 
Essential to forgiveness is the understanding of what forgiveness is and what it is not. 
-Forgiveness is not just ignoring the hurt.
-Forgiveness is not declaring the other person was right or what he did was ok.
-Forgiveness is not saying I am over the pain.
-Forgiveness is not saying you forgive, but avoiding the offender.
-Forgiveness does not mean the offender should not have to pay the consequences of his actions.

Forgiveness Continued by Grace Gayle
-Forgiveness is more for our benefit than for the advantage of the offender.
-Forgiveness means we are more concerned about accepting why something happened than in blaming.
-Forgiveness states that the offender no longer owes us anything.
-Forgiveness means we are more concerned about moving ahead with our life than being confined by our past.
-Forgiveness sets us free to move through the healing process.
-Forgiveness opens the door for God’s blessing on our life.

Forgiveness Continued 
Part 3 of 3 
Forgiveness is a process. When we have been wounded deeply, we are unable to forgive instantly. We tend to need to move through several phases of forgiveness, linking various emotions, before we reach the desired end result of reconciliation.

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