Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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Two reasons for us to go on an emotional eating binge are:
a) lack of joy in life
b) lack of self care.
I used to spend my days in a frenzy because work “had” to be done. Coming day’s end I would be starving for a for a moment of rest, joy and pleasure - food was the ticket.
Food is often a substitute to the joy we’re lacking in life. The void we feel in the heart symbolically becomes the hole we feel in the stomach. Easier to fill, not as fulfilling.
I’m not alone, today people come to see me thinking they’re broken or have something wrong.
Only they haven't. Symptoms tell us what we’re missing or overdoing in life. We can suffocate them with a quick fix, the more we push down the louder they speak. Eventually we’re eating out of control.
If this is you, I ask you to remember why you do what you do. Whether to be happy or better serve others, if you’re frazzled today little will remain of you to enjoy life or be useful.
My tip: write down a list of everything that gives you pleasure and joy: things, people, situations, experiences…
Include 1 item of your list on your daily schedule. Better yet, schedule it BEFORE you include work and 'to dos' on your calendar.
This will not only help you you eat better - you will be feeding what in your life needs to be fed.

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