Friday, August 12, 2016

A Woman's Journey

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- No matter .how busy you are today .be willing to begin and end your day with quiet time. Look forward to that time when you can stop all outward activity . rest and look within for peace and truth......................

God is with you in the sun as well as the rain . in pain . .as well as joy . As long as you know that you are protected and guided by the power of faith and love . you will remain centered and balanced through all of this day.

What we make of setbacks .. how we handle them. and what we choose to do about them defines . us and makes us who we are. When we choose to look for the good and you handle setbacks with godly grace . it points people to your source---God. We mat not love disappointment and setbacks. What is good about this?

As long as there is someone in the sky to protect me .there is no one on earth that can break me.

- As women we give a lot to others.. Even when this is done with willing servants hearts. It can cause us to ignore our living faith. If y Determine what's missing from your life with God . Maybe it's been years since you totally depended on him. Maybe you haven't prayed from a place of absolute need and hope. Walk into the presence of God . Ask for renewal of spirit. mind. and soul. Rejuvenate your faith...............

By: Cilea Davis

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