Saturday, July 30, 2016

Women Helping Women

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Women: Let’s Stop Judging and Start Loving Each Other

It wasn’t the first time a woman judged me by my appearance.
I was signing up for a yoga class at a popular studio in Hermosa Beach,
 California. I asked the gal at the front desk about a more advanced class.
 She looked me up and down, “That’s too advanced for you,” she said.
I’m sure she was just doing her job and didn’t want anyone injured in her studio.
 Still, if she had asked a few questions before judging me on my
 physical appearance, she would have discovered that I’ve been
practicing yoga for at least twenty years. In fact for a while,
 I embraced a yogi’s lifestyle, becoming vegetarian and even
 having tantric sex with my boyfriend! She also would’ve learned
 that I spin, run and do all sorts of exercises - from boxing to Pilates.
A woman I knew casually in my writing class once said,
 “You’d be so beautiful if only you’d lose ten pounds.
” I was so flustered; all I could do was blurt out the truth.
 “I just had a miscarriage” I said, and ran to the bathroom in tears.
Later that month a girlfriend told me that I used my weight
 as armor; that it was my protection. “You’re afraid of intimacy,” she said.
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