Monday, March 28, 2016

Ge Away

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How to Take a Vacation When You’re a Caregiver

You can get away, but it takes some smart planning

Taking care of an elderly parent can be draining. Whether you’re the day-to-day caregiver or the child with primary responsibility for emotional and practical support, it’s essential that you get some time off to refresh yourself and stave off burnout.

Yet going away can seem impossible. There are so many details and worries to deal with as a caregiver that it might seem simpler to just give up on the idea of a vacation. But there are options.
Anne Albert of Great Barrington, Mass., moved her mother, Rosemary Perry, in with her family after she was diagnosed with rapidly progressing dementia at 78. “It’s a full-time job to get someone with dementia going every day,” says Albert, 42, who had to stop work as a freelance fashion-shoot producer to take care of her mother, a former nurse. To complicate matters, her mother wouldn’t accept help from anyone except Albert. “I was at my wits’ end,” she recalls.
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