Tuesday, February 9, 2016


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We are often taught to SEEK love before we BECOME love. But you will never fully EXPERIENCE love until you have truly loved yourself. (Even if you are married or in a relationship.)
There is no better love to experience than the love of God first. Then the SELF will be filled and able to then OVERFLOW into the lives of others.
When you take the time to know THYSELF, God will reveal himself to you in miraculous ways. Simply because God dwells IN you. And when you cultivate that love affair... other people will have no choice but to SEE the God in you. And naturally... They will LOVE you. ‪#‎TheSacredLoveAffair‬ 

SURRENDER MOMENT!!! Take NO BURDENS to bed with you. RELEASE!!! Pray a prayer of gratitude and rest in peace. God has it... But you've got to let go first. Have a beautiful night!!! Lots of love!!!  ((tag a friend who needs to surrender!))

LOVE is in the air this month! But before we get ready for roses and proposals... let me ask you a question: Where is YOUR love for YOU?
The same love that you desire for another, are you giving that to YOURSELF?
Before you seek outwardly for unconditional love, attention, affection, approval, acceptance and romance... you must learn to give it to YOURSELF FIRST. (Married people too!)
Will you let me teach you how? Or if you already know will you let me help you deepen it?
If you want to elevate your level of SELF LOVE, SELF WORTH, SELF ESTEEM, INNER CONFIDENCE AND PERSONAL POWER type 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 I DO!!! And I will make it my business that THIS MONTH you truly learn how to love (yourself) 

MIDNIGHT MEDITATION starts in ONE HOUR (12am EST/11pm central)
I'm excited to talk to you tonight! Midnight Meditation is a guided prayer and meditation call led by me @shanelcoopersykes. If you need to clear you mind, purge any heavy energy or get focused and renewed before the new week ahead. CALL IN. It is 100% FREE and open to everyone.
Here are a few rules and expectations... 1. The line only holds 1000 people. Once it is at capacity you will not be able to get in. (So call in 5-10 minutes earlier)
2. Be in a QUIET SPACE with no tv, internet, music, lights or loud talking. Light a candle if you wish.
3. Sit on the floor in a comfortable position and have on loose and comfy clothes.
4. Dial in and put your phone on SPEAKER or use a headset. Your hands should be free.
5. Listen with an open mind and willingness to let go. I will guide you through a 30-45 minute meditation.
Etiquette: When you dial in the lines will be OPEN. Please make sure you don't have any background noise. Feel free to say hello to others on the line, then get to your quiet space. (If it is loud, simply be patient until the call starts.)
Do not hang up, or GIVE UP. If you hang up before we are finished, you will loose your space. And if you get frustrated or feel like you cant follow along PUSH PAST IT. You are calling in for a reason. Please do not tweet, post or comment on instagram while on the call. STAY FOCUSED.
Come to the call with good energy and good intentions. If you are skeptical, have negative energy, or are simply bored on social media and being nosy -- please DO NOT call in. Energy is important for meditation.
Say a prayer before you dial in and bring love and good energy to the call.
Talk to you soon!!!
If you've read the rules and you are ready type 👉🏽 I AM READY SHANEL!!!

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