Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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AWESOME! Arlena Labon recently turned 108-years-old! Even though this wonderful woman never had children of her own she fostered over 50 children! Find out what her secret to long life is...

Dr. Ellen Albertson
Change is one of the few constants in life. The key to navigating change with grace, beauty and ease is learning to stay balanced especially within.
Here are some suggestions to help you stay balanced:
• Deal with problem or obstacles by communicating directly and taking swift action.
• Instead of pushing to makes things happen use prudence and wisdom and wait until the time is right to act.
• Keep the faith and stay confident rather than over analyzing situations and doubting yourself.
• Don't deplete and overextend yourself. Say no when you need to and take care of your body, mind, heart & spirit.
• Develop a spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation to help you stay centered.
• When you notice you're imbalanced ask yourself: What do I need to do or give up to be at peace?
When you stay balanced within your radiance will shine clearly without.

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