Tuesday, May 12, 2015


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flower girl nyc
1. In a Wreath
Nothing beats freshFLOWERS in a wreath. It is a luxury to make a wreath out of blooms rather than with greenery. Stay seasonal and focus on big blooms, and it will be a gorgeous success.
2. Freeze Them in Ice Cubes
These frozen beauties give every cocktail a colorful twist and each one is unique. IRECOMMEND using distilled water — it helps the ice freeze clear.
3. As a Cuff
Wearing flowers is all the rage this spring, but let's be honest — we'll take any excuse to wear them! A fresh, fun approach is to wear them as a cuff on your wrist. They also make a great gift on a bottle of bubbly. I make them by creating a wire base and adding whatever fresh fun florals inspire me.

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