Friday, April 10, 2015


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Karmanos offers free health awareness events to help prevent cancer; talk with experts

April 17 Head and Neck Cancer Screening; May 9 Health Awareness Day at Wolverine Harley-Davidson

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute will offer two educational events to help raise awareness of cancer prevention and screening, early detection, as well as provide medical experts to address the public’s questions. Both events are FREE and open to adults age 18 and older. Call 1-800-KARMANOS (1-800-527-6266) to register or for more information.
WHAT: FREE - Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Screening, Friday, April 17
WHEN:  1:30 – 4 p.m.

WHERE: Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center, 4100 John R (south of Warren, north of Mack, next to Harper Hospital), Detroit, MI 48201
WHO: Any adult age 18 and over, especially those who have ever used tobacco and/or alcohol products.
WHY: A simple 10-minute screening exam can help determine if there is a problem that needs further follow-up which could help detect any of the oral, head and neck cancers in their earliest stages.
REGISTER: Pre-register by 5 p.m., April 16, to arrange for a free screening and complimentary valet parking. Call 1-800-KARMANOS (1-800-527-6266)  or click here to register online for the April 17 screening. On-site registration on April 17 will also be accepted if space is available. Parking will only be complimentary for those who pre-register by April 16.
WHAT:  FREE - Health Awareness Day – Ask the Experts, Saturday, May 9
              Presented by the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wolverine Harley-Davidson
WHEN: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
WHERE: Wolverine Harley-Davidson, 44660 North Gratiot Ave., in Clinton Township
EXPERTS: Experts from the Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University School of Medicine and their specialty include:
  • Shirish Gadgeel, M.D., lung cancer 
  • Elisabeth Heath, M.D., FACP, prostate cancer
  • Kristen Kingzett, M.D., internal medicine
  • Courtney Moore, M.D., hypertension and cardiovascular screening 
  • Catherine Nichols, DNP, breast cancer
REGISTER: Call 1-800-KARMANOS (1-800-527-6266) or visit for more information

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